MAGFest 2016

I attended Magfest over in National Harbor, MD for the very first time this year! It was a fun little

con and I got to meet up with many friends and a few fans! If I ran into you, thank you! I hope you had a good time!

Okay so the con is hosted in this amazing hotel. The Gaylord IS MASSIVE and BEAUTIFUL. It has a full indoor area complete with shops, a garden, a river, and a fountain.

Not to mention it's right on the bay. Which is amazing at night.

This was a con I was attending for fun for the first time in a very long time. So first thing I did was track down friends and hit up the dealers hall.

Within seconds of getting inside the hotel for the con, I ran into The LivingTombstone! After speaking with him for a few minutes, I was off to drop off my bags to my room and hit up the Dealers Hall. I really wanted to meet one of the artists for Undertale, Temmie Chang.

Unfortunately, my luck was awful and she already had sold out of everything and left. This was Thursday by 5pm mind you! Not even Friday yet!

Disappointed, I decided it was wise to spend the rest of my money and left the hall with an ample amount of cool things.

Roll around to Friday night, My good friend Tombstone was headlining at Magfest's DJ battle.

Needless to say IT WAS AWESOME. It was my absolute favorite thing that happened at Magfest.


Over the course of the weekend, I got to meet up with

Jaxamoto (left), Digsbot (left), Arinsmind (right), Vivziepop, The LivingTombstone, Shippiddge, Jake Ganz, PepperandPals, Sadface, HeyRaguio, etc.

I'm cutting out a lot, but tldr; magfest was fun.


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