Merry Christmas! (2016 review)

Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are going well no matter what you do or don't celebrate! :D

I've been quiet ALL YEAR LONG and I'm very sorry for that. I'm known to be horrible at updating anything other then twitter. (Don't bother looking at that sad FB page. I know, it's awful)

I have a few cool things I've been working on slowly as the months progress. One of which is my Youtube channel. I hope to start publishing some videos, whether they be about food, games, anime, or adventures I take. I've been really really nervous about putting things out there since I know there's so many others that do the same thing but better. But I love making things and getting excited and sharing things that I enjoy, so what better way then that? So I hope to start updating that by the start of 2017!

As for things that I've done THIS year, I've been a lot more active on Twich! I've been doing semi-weekly streams that feature friends in a game I like to call "Draw that Pokemon".

Rules are simple enough. One person describes a pokemon to a group and they draw that pokemon based on the description. Let me tell you, the results are amazing.

I've also been trying to host more gaming streams as well! I've been striving to making each stream as fun as I can. (I'm always working on improving things!)

I also just got a new computer for the first time in several years. Finally upgrading from a gaming laptop to a nice decked out desktop. (It changes colors, IT'S SO COOL)

Anyways thank you again for your support! I hope to make this next year even better!


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